Meet The Board

Nate Warner

Nate has been a member of the church since signing the book in 2007. He subsequently taught SE classes for several years at various times and chaired Stewardship Team (né Annual Budget Drive) for 3 years before being appointed, then elected to the Board as Vice President. Nate was elected to Board President in 2020.

With his spouse Erika, Nate has 2 children who've completed Coming of Age and remain active members of the church.

Jeanette Darbe

Jeannette has been a member since 2015 and has served on the Pastoral Care, Social Justice and Worship Teams.  Jeanette chaired Worship and Membership Teams, and served as a volunteer at Severe Weather Network and the Harvest Fest pottery sale.



Dianne Morgan

Dianne has attended CUUB for over 5 years, and has been involved with various aspects of the community such as leading the choir, playing the piano, singing for services, organizing activities for the Women’s Group, and serving as secretary of the board.

November 2020 Board Meeting Speedy Report

  • Speedy Reporting: the Board decided to start publishing a short blip after monthly meetings to keep congregation more informed

  • Endowment Fund monies formally dedicated to gain interest income, keep sufficient flexibility in emergencies, and show CUUB's dedication to building an endowment

  • Building re-opening: assigned task force to investigate Worship Team needs & tabled more expensive HVAC/etc. upgrades

  • Policy Availability task force: asking each Team to confirm the version, etc.; will facilitate document control soon.

  • Healing/Moving Forward: next Town Hall to be February/mid; Board members will independently work on historic problems investigation for next month

To contact the board members, please email:

Board meetings are open to members, and take place on the 4th Thursday of each month. Please check the calendar, as end of year holdiays often move those board meeting dates.

If you would like to be placed on the agenda before a meeting, please email the board email list at:

CUUB Bylaws, approved May 19, 2019.  

Jim Dowd

Jim is the Treasurer of the Board

Hank Firek

Hank is serving as a Board Member at Large

Joni Grob

Joni served as Treasurer and is currently a Board Member at Large

Stella Jay

Stella Jay has been coming to CUUB since 2015 and has since become a member.  Stella is currently   serving on the Fun And Creative Event Schemers, “FACES” team, is a member of CUUB’s book club, and has served on the CUUB board since November of 2018.  Stella has lived in Brighton for 26 years, she is married, has three adult children and two grandchildren.  Stella is enthusiastic about the future of CUUB!