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Hi everyone!

I wanted to make sure everyone understood the purpose of groups. It's a great way for a team or group - or even subject - to have conversations in. While you can share documents within a group, it's best to maintain any official documents (like meeting minutes, policies, procedures, etc.) on Google Drive - you can always share a link to the file in the group. If your team/group needs a shared drive of its own, please contact me!

Also, for those interested in making a new group here, here's a quick primer on what each of the Group privacy levels are:

Public = anyone who can access the Member's area of Most teams/groups probably want to use this option.

Private = Visible in the list of groups, but people must apply and be approved by the owner to join. This is probably good for Teams that want or need more private conversations.

Secret = Only visible to people that are members of the group. The owner will have to invite and approve anyone who should be part of it. This would be most appropriate for confidential teams like Safer or Ministry.


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