Membership Team

CUUB is a growing and thriving congregation of people who come together for different reasons, yet still respect each individual's spiritual path. As we grow, we try to make sure that each new member finds his or her place within our congregation while also understanding the needs of the congregation. As we build our community, we welcome you to join us. These are the stepping stones to membership:

Better understand our faith and congregation by attending the “Intro to UU” class. Before becoming a member, it is important to know the basic principles of Unitarian Universalism, a bit about the history of our non-creedal faith, and the common concerns and workings of this congregation. We offer an "Intro to UU" class several times a year; please contact the Membership Team to find out when the next class is and to sign up.

Consider carefully your commitment to the congregation and the UU faith. After learning more about our faith and congregation, we ask that you examine your values and determine whether you can commit yourself to the work of this congregation.

Attend worship services and participate in congregational activities. We gather together as a community and connect with one another by sharing the common experience offered by Sunday services. An important aspect of membership is active participation in the larger congregation. You will find it easier to meet people and feel part of the congregation if you also join in small groups within the congregation. There are many diverse activities in social justice, children’s religious exploration, men's and women's groups, etc.

Make a financial pledge to the congregation. All active members are required to make a financial pledge (or obtain a waiver) to the congregation according to their means. Our primary source of support comes from our members who make financial gifts to the congregation. By pledging, you are demonstrating your commitment to the programs and activities of your congregation; this allows us to budget for the coming year. When submitting your membership enrollment form, you will be asked to complete a pledge form.

Complete an Intent to Join form and submit it to our Membership Committee Chair. Once you have submitted your enrollment form, we will speak with you about taking the final step of signing our Membership Book in the presence of the congregation.

Sign our membership book in the presence of our congregation. We hope that you will take pride in adding your signature to our membership book that holds the names of members of this congregation back to 2000. Our congregation holds welcoming ceremonies for new members during our Sunday services several times each year. You will be invited to take part in a welcoming ceremony so that members of the congregation may officially welcome you to the Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton.

Please know that you are welcome to visit us for as long as you like, and participate in congregational life as much as you would like. Very few activities or roles are exclusive to members only (voting, participation in the finance committee, serving on the board of trustees, acting as a team chair, etc.). We have many 'Friends of CUUB' who aren't ready to make their membership official, and we care for and embrace them as part of our community.