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Announcements week of April 11

Ministerial Search Update

As you may have read in this week's special newsletter announcement, the Search team is very excited to have successfully narrowed down our applicants to one candidate. We need to wait for the minister to inform their current congregation of their intentions, before we can announce their name. You will all get a chance to meet the minister during "candidating week."

Candidating week will see the candidate in our pulpit two times, both Sunday April 25th and Sunday May 2nd. During the week between those Sundays, the congregation will have opportunities to meet the candidate, during team meetings and in informal gatherings. The week will conclude with a congregational vote to call the minister.

As with everything during this year of Zoom, we'll need to make plans and be flexible in their execution. As soon as we can announce the minister and more details, we will, with great fanfare. The Search team is excited for this next step!


Important Dates to Put on your Calendar NOW:

The board would like to announce three important dates:

April 18th, 1:15 - Town Hall Meeting. The board will be presenting the proposed budget for 2021-2022. Here is the link to Proposed Budget:

Zoom Meeting Link for all meetings:

May 2nd, 15 minutes after service – Ministerial Candidate Vote Zoom Meeting Link for all meetings:

May 16th, after service - Congregational meeting. We will be voting on budget proposal and elected positions. Please check membership list and report any concerns to the Board at Membership List Link:

Zoom Meeting Link for all meetings:


Message from Rev. Julie

Dear CUUB Community,

I could not put into words what a joy and honor it has been to be your minister over the past five years. Things haven’t always been perfect, but we have built an authentic relationship and stewarded a fantastic community together. Leaving is always hard, but I’m so excited for what comes next for this community. Over the next few weeks you will be seeing less and less of me. As we move into candidating week, I will be stepping back to make room for you to imagine your new minister in my place. This is a normal and appropriate part of the process of saying goodbye to one minister and preparing to welcome another one. I will also make sure we have a really good and cathartic goodbye. Please mark May 23rd on your calendars for a goodbye ceremony and party! Here is what I want you to know. You are not alone. I’m still here for you, I’m still your minister until I say goodbye on May 23rd. If there is something you need from me, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am looking forward to the rest of our time together.

In faith, Rev. Julie Brock


This is an art show put on by the Crossroads Group of the Sierra Club and the Environmental Council of Huron Valley in partnership with Huron Valley Council for the Arts, Community Unitarian Universalists of Brighton and Michigan Rock School.

CUUB's role will be to be one of 2 sites who will host the submissions, IF we are meeting in person at that time. Otherwise, we will do all of our events online like last year. Art can be a powerful medium and this show is open to Kindergarteners-Adults, with one goal: to communicate our climate crisis and inspire people to act now. Please direct your questions to Lee Anzicek, Sue Kelly, and Dave Beeman - all contact info. in the online Church Directory. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Full submission details and timeline can be found here. Click below to view the great art from this year's event. Adult Youth

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