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CUUB Connection April 16, 2021

Your CUUB CONNECTION to events for

Week of April 18 – 24, 2021*

The Communication Team is pleased to introduce the "CUUB Connection"

Many members like to receive something each week that highlights what is happening at CUUB. Because the full CUUB Newsletter takes a lot of time and effort, the communications team has created something that will fill in the weeks where CUUB News is not produced. This will be generated from the CUUB Calendar and sent out the weeks that CUUB News is not produced.

Remember, to add an event or meeting to the calendar,

email or click here to fill out a form

Sunday - April 18

9:30 am - Spiritual Exploration Gathering

10:30 am - Sunday Service

Search and Ministry Team Service about transitioning to a new minister

11:45 am - Social Justice

Racial Justice Conversations

1:15 pm – Town Hall Meeting

Budget - see slides in the member's section of the website here.

Tuesday - April 20

7:30 pm - Spiritual Exploration Bedtime Stories

Looking Ahead:

Sunday, April 25 – Ministerial Candidate led Service

Sunday, May 2 – Ministerial Candidate led Service and Congregational Vote 15 minutes after the service.

Sunday, May 16 – Congregational Meeting - vote on Budget and Board/Nominating Team members. A special CUUB News with candidate information will go out on Sunday, 4/18.

*For more information visit:

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