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Town Hall Budget Preview and Candidates

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Sunday, April 18:

10:30 am - Sunday Service

Search and Ministry Team led Service about transitioning to a new minister

11:45 am - Social Justice

Racial Justice Conversations

1:15 pm – Town Hall Meeting

Budget - see slides in the member's section of the website here.

Looking Ahead:

Sunday, May 2 – Ministerial Candidate led Service

Congregational Vote 15 minutes after the service.

Sunday, May 16 – Congregational Meeting

Congregational vote on Budget and Board/Nominating Team members.

Candidates for Board FY 7/1/21-6/30/2022

Secretary - Alice Andrews (2-year term)

At-Large Trustee - Kate Stancombe (2-year term)

At-Large Trustee - Karen Sanderson (2-year term)

Candidates for Nomination Team FY 7/1/21-6/30/2022

Ellie Byrd-Millhouse

Greg Soave

Dave Beeman

Mary Temple Elections to be held at the annual meeting on May 16, 2021 after service If anyone would like to apply for vacant positions, please submit interest in email to

From our by-laws:

At each annual meeting, the expiring terms of Board members shall be filled by ballot. All will serve two-year terms (from July 01 to June 30). The terms of the Board will be staggered, with three positions open one year, and four the next. On alternating years, the congregation shall elect either the President, Vice Pres- ident, and one Trustee-at-Large or the Secretary, Treasurer and two Trustees-at- Large. All shall hold their offices until their successors have been elected and shall perform the duties usually pertaining to these offices.

All Board members shall be active members of the congregation for minimum of two years at the time of the annual meeting at which they would be elected.

The Nominating Team shall consist of three to five active members of the congregation elected by the congregation at the annual meeting. The Minister shall serve on the Nominating Team as an ex officio member. They shall not be members of the Board of Trustees - nor immediate relatives of Trustees - during service on the Team. Every year, the Nominating Team shall ask the congregation for Nominating Team candidates at least 60 days before the annual meeting. If the Nominating Team membership drops below three members, the Board will appoint members to fill vacancies until the next annual meeting.

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