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Letter from Rev. Julie in response to Zoom Bombing

Dear community,

We had a difficult time on Sunday when our service got zoom bombed by white supremacists. I am so proud that your reaction has been to reach out in love and take care of one another, and me in particular. We've heard from lots of our neighbors that they care about what happened and are in solidarity with us. The County Sheriff's office has been in contact. We have filed a police report and an investigation has been commenced. The diversity council, St. James AME, and many many individuals have sent their love and compassion our way.

I've been in communication with Rep. Elissa Slotkin who is heading up a new congressional taskforce on domestic terrorism and she plans to stop by one of our services soon and talk to us about it.

Finally, several of you have asked for a response, both in our community, and publicly. Click here to find an open letter I've written to those who zoom bombed us. I encourage you to send it to whatever sources you have political, media, other churches, social media, that feel appropriate to you. Maybe we can reach them. Maybe others who've experienced the same need to see it.

As always, if you are having difficulty coping with the events of Sunday, please feel free to contact me. We won't let this stop us from working toward a more inclusive world. In fact, this might be an example of why we've got to do so.

In faith,

Rev. Julie Brock


Consulting Minister

Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton

Livingston Daily Post 2/19/21 Brighton minister says Zoom church service disrupted by racism, death threats

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