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Announcements for January 17, 2021

Stewardship Cottage Meetings will take place directly after Service on Sunday January 17 and 24th on the same Zoom link as service ( Meeting ID: 972 7514 1173).

CUUB leadership encourages everyone to stay (or join us) after service for a short presentation from Board Treasurer Jim Dowd. You will then be assigned to a small Zoom “cottage” meeting for a more personal discussion about this year’s stewardship drive. Meetings should last approximately 30 minutes.


Spiritual Exploration (SE) News

What's happening in SE this week? Follow Trish's posting on our private Facebook Page. Not a member - ask to join. Museum Challenge - This is open to everyone.

Imagination: It's time to get creative. Use yourself, family, friends, pets, nature and everyday items around your home to recreate a work of art. You can find 100s of examples if you google search Museum Challenge.

Email me a photo of the piece of art work you choose and your creative interpretation. I will put all the photos I receive into a video which will be played during a sunday service. Email photos by Monday 18th January 2021.

Have fun being creative and look forward to seeing all your images.


Jan 17th - 4th grade and up meet up and a fun game. Check out the January Padlet for fun activities.


The Our Changing Climate Art Show is back in 2021 for a second year & is expanding to the musical arts!

This is an art show put on by the Crossroads Group of the Sierra Club and the Environmental Council of Huron Valley in partnership with Huron Valley Council for the Arts, Community Unitarian Universalists of Brighton and Michigan Rock School.

CUUB's role will be to be one of 2 sites who will host the submissions, IF we are meeting in person at that time. Otherwise, we will do all of our events online like last year. Art can be a powerful medium and this show is open to Kindergarteners-Adults, with one goal: to communicate our climate crisis and inspire people to act now. Please direct your questions to Lee Anzicek, Sue Kelly, and Dave Beeman - all contact info. in the online Church Directory. We would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Full submission details and timeline can be found here. Click below to view the great art from this year's event. Adult Youth


Racial Justice Conversations

Please join us for racial justice conversations on the following dates. Check-in time to catch up will begin at 11:45 and the session will start at 12:00. January 24th (be sure to join the 1/17 stewardship cottage meeting if you plan to attend this one!) February 7th February 21st Click on this Zoom link to join us each time. Or enter these Zoom details to join us. Meeting ID: 882 9723 1374 Passcode: 182110 Join by phone: +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)


Severe Weather Network of Livingston County Homeless Shelter

CUUBies thank you for your support last season for helping the homeless in Livingston County. Of course the cold weather is back, the need is still here and Covid 19 changes everything. Click here to see what we need to do now to help our homeless through their difficult times. If you have any questions or want to learn more contact Greg Soave CUUB Representative, SWN 810-730-6066 To donate to this great cause click here.

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