Announcements for January 17, 2021

Stewardship Cottage Meetings will take place directly after Service on Sunday January 17 and 24th on the same Zoom link as service ( Meeting ID: 972 7514 1173).

CUUB leadership encourages everyone to stay (or join us) after service for a short presentation from Board Treasurer Jim Dowd. You will then be assigned to a small Zoom “cottage” meeting for a more personal discussion about this year’s stewardship drive. Meetings should last approximately 30 minutes.

Spiritual Exploration (SE) News

What's happening in SE this week? Follow Trish's posting on our private Facebook Page. Not a member - ask to join. Museum Challenge - This is open to everyone.

Imagination: It's time to get creative. Use yourself, family, friends, pets, nature and everyday items around your home to recreate a work of art. You can find 100s of examples if you google search Museum Challenge.

Email me a photo of the piece of art work you choose and your creative interpretation. I will put all the photos I receive into a video which will be played during a sunday service. Email photos by Monday 18th January 2021.

Have fun being creative and look forward to seeing all your images.


Jan 17th - 4th grade and up meet up and a fun game. Check out the January Padlet for fun activities.