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Search Update - April 18, 2021

The Search Team is pleased to introduce our Ministerial candidate, Reverend Molly Brewer. 

Reverend Brewer created the following video as a personal way of introducing faerself to all of us:

About Rev. Molly's Pronouns:
You might have noticed that Rev. Molly uses the pronoun "fae" when referring to faerself! Fae knows this is new to a lot of folks, so this part of faer introduction is written to show you examples of how these pronouns work. You might be curious about what led faer to use this set of pronouns. The short story is that Rev. Molly is genderqueer. "She" pronouns don't apply to faer, and "they" doesn't feel quite right either. Instead, Rev. Molly--like many genderqueer and nonbinary people including some UU leaders--uses a neopronoun. For more about neopronouns, you can check out's page on them:

Rev. Molly hopes that some day you'll all be comfortable and easy using faer pronouns, but fae knows it's not always an easy adjustment to make--the effort to try goes a long way! And just remember: if you're having trouble getting used to faer pronouns, using faer name is never wrong!




Candidating week will see the candidate in our pulpit two times, both Sunday April 25th and Sunday May 2nd. During the week between those Sundays, the congregation will have opportunities to meet the candidate, during team meetings and in informal gatherings. The week will conclude with a congregational vote to call the minister.


As with everything during this year of Zoom, we'll need to make plans and be flexible in their execution. As soon as we can announce the minister and more details, we will, with great fanfare. The Search team is excited for this next step!​

Search Timeline

Search Timeline

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Search Team

Lee Anzicek

  • Member since 2018.

  • Public School Administrator, Director of Operations- Retired

  • Serves on Worship Team, Facilities Team and as a Youth Group Advisor.

  • 30 years’ experience interviewing, hiring and administering staff as a public official.

  • Is a member of the Sierra Club and serves as Co-Chairman of the Crossroads Political Committee.

  • Worked on Elissa Slotkin’s campaign and Proposal #2 to end gerrymandering.

  • Currently running for office, Brighton Township Board of Trustees 

Dave Beeman

  • Member since 2019.

  • Nearly 40 years of administrative and management experience from the Meetings and Events Industry.

  • Currently serves on the CUUB Facilities Committee and chair of the Reopening Task Force.

  • Current volunteer: Livingston County Habitat for Humanity, Severe Weather Network (local shelter), Livingston County Homeless Continuum of Care Committee, Howell Area Chamber of Commerce Home Show Committee.

Sue Kelly

  • Member since 2007.

  • Currently serve CUUB on the Social Justice Team, the Ministry Team, as Program Council Recording Secretary, and on the Ministerial Search Team.

  • Past service includes Board Treasurer, Annual Budget Drive Chair, assistant teacher on Sunday mornings, Youth CON presenter, Coming of Age mentor.

  • Active environmental activist and leader in the local Sierra Club.

  • I bring the perspective of a long time local resident and local business owner to the search team.

Carrie Kempf

  • Member since 2003

  • Past President of the Board

  • Served as Coming of Age mentor, Youth Advisor, and Adult OWL facilitator 

  • Currently serving on Nominations Team

  • Brings knowledge of CUUB’s history and governance to Search Team

Sarah Neidert

  • Member since 2012

  • Serves on the Communications team, co-chaired the Strategic Planning Team, served 4 years on the Board of Trustees, 3 as president.

  • Volunteer as a worship associate, teach classes to our children on Sundays, and served as a mentor for our Coming of Age program.  

Simon Ren

  • Member since 1999

  • Served on various teams including: the Board, Worship, Ministerial Search, Nomination, Finance and Stewardship Drive

  • Leadership roles (past and current): Led approximately 50 services, mostly when we were between professional ministers. Chaired Capital Campaign for our Building and the Finance Team; served as Board Treasurer

  • Other roles at CUUB include SE Teacher, Men’s group and weed puller ​

Erika Warner

  • Member since 2007

  • Hosts our weekly Zoom Sunday services

  • Currently serves on the Communications and Ministry Teams.  

  • Helped lead the recent Participatory Budgeting exercise and the last Strategic Plan

  • Led the last 2 contract ministry search teams

  • Has 2 kids that participated in our SE program from elementary through Coming of Age

  • Outside of CUUB:  Communications Chair for Spectrum, the LGBTQ+ affinity group at my employer 

Caitlin Warner

  • Child Dedication at CUUB in 2007

  • Completed Coming of Age and became a Member in 2016

  • Led a regional Youth Con at CUUB in 2019

  • Active in CUUB's Youth Group

  • Currently attending college at Michigan Technological University, studying biological sciences

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