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Search Timeline

Search Team

Lee Anzicek

  • Member since 2018.

  • Public School Administrator, Director of Operations- Retired

  • Serves on Worship Team, Facilities Team and as a Youth Group Advisor.

  • 30 years’ experience interviewing, hiring and administering staff as a public official.

  • Is a member of the Sierra Club and serves as Co-Chairman of the Crossroads Political Committee.

  • Worked on Elissa Slotkin’s campaign and Proposal #2 to end gerrymandering.

  • Currently running for office, Brighton Township Board of Trustees 

Dave Beeman

  • Member since 2019.

  • Nearly 40 years of administrative and management experience from the Meetings and Events Industry.

  • Currently serves on the CUUB Facilities Committee and chair of the Reopening Task Force.

  • Current volunteer: Livingston County Habitat for Humanity, Severe Weather Network (local shelter), Livingston County Homeless Continuum of Care Committee, Howell Area Chamber of Commerce Home Show Committee.


Sue Kelly

  • Member since 2007.

  • Currently serve CUUB on the Social Justice Team, the Ministry Team, as Program Council Recording Secretary, and on the Ministerial Search Team.

  • Past service includes Board Treasurer, Annual Budget Drive Chair, assistant teacher on Sunday mornings, Youth CON presenter, Coming of Age mentor.

  • Active environmental activist and leader in the local Sierra Club.

  • I bring the perspective of a long time local resident and local business owner to the search team.


Carrie Kempf

  • Member since 2003

  • Past President of the Board

  • Served as Coming of Age mentor, Youth Advisor, and Adult OWL facilitator 

  • Currently serving on Nominations Team

  • Brings knowledge of CUUB’s history and governance to Search Team

Sarah Neidert

  • Member since 2012

  • Serves on the Communications team, co-chaired the Strategic Planning Team, served 4 years on the Board of Trustees, 3 as president.

  • Volunteer as a worship associate, teach classes to our children on Sundays, and served as a mentor for our Coming of Age program.  

Simon Ren

  • Member since 1999

  • Served on various teams including: the Board, Worship, Ministerial Search, Nomination, Finance and Stewardship Drive

  • Leadership roles (past and current): Led approximately 50 services, mostly when we were between professional ministers. Chaired Capital Campaign for our Building and the Finance Team; served as Board Treasurer

  • Other roles at CUUB include SE Teacher, Men’s group and weed puller ​


Erika Warner

  • Member since 2007

  • Hosts our weekly Zoom Sunday services

  • Currently serves on the Communications and Ministry Teams.  

  • Helped lead the recent Participatory Budgeting exercise and the last Strategic Plan

  • Led the last 2 contract ministry search teams

  • Has 2 kids that participated in our SE program from elementary through Coming of Age

  • Outside of CUUB:  Communications Chair for Spectrum, the LGBTQ+ affinity group at my employer 


Caitlin Warner

  • Child Dedication at CUUB in 2007

  • Completed Coming of Age and became a Member in 2016

  • Led a regional Youth Con at CUUB in 2019

  • Active in CUUB's Youth Group

  • Currently attending college at Michigan Technological University, studying biological sciences