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Meet The Board

To contact the board members, please email:

Board meetings are open to Community Unitarian Universalists in Brighton members, and take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Please check the calendar, as end of year holdiays often move those board meeting dates.

If you would like to be placed on the agenda before a meeting, please email the board email list at:

CUUB Bylaws, approved May 19, 2019.  

JDarbe headshot.jpg


Jeanette Darbe

Jeannette has been a member since 2015 and has served on the Pastoral Care, Social Justice and Worship Teams.  Jeanette chaired Worship and Membership Teams, and served as a volunteer at Severe Weather Network and the Harvest Fest pottery sale.

Term Expiration: 2024


Vice President

Mike Kelly

Mike has been a member of CUUB since 2007.  He also serves on the Finance, HR, Facilities, and Tech Teams.

Term Expiration: 2024

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Jim Dowd

Jim has been a member of CUUB since 2017. He is on the membership committee as well. He has been living and working in the Livingston County community since 1995. This is his second term as treasurer. His expertise is health and wellness. His interests are native perennial gardens, architecture, economics, or whatever rabbit hole he has recently fallen into. Loves CUUB suppers and deep conversation. Loves CUUB camping.

Term Expiration: 2023

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Alice Andrews

Besides being on the Board, Alice is also an active member of Worship Team. She has been a member of CUUB since 2016. Alice was the Director of Hartland Senior Center for 23 years before retiring.. She is currently a member of Livingston County Council on Aging and LETS Specialize Services Advisory Council.


Term Expiration: 2023

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Member At-Large

Karen Sanderson

Term Expiration: 2023


Member At-Large

Michelle Byrd

Term Expiration: 2023 


Member At-Large

Erika Warner

Erika has been a CUUB member since 2007 and also serves as chair of the Tech Team and IT lead.  She has also served on the Ministry Team, the former Communications Team, and as a Spiritual Exploration teacher.  She has 2 children that have come through Coming of Age at CUUB and are now in college.

Term Expiration: 2024


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