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Donations come in many forms, and every form helps.

See the menu below for different opportunities to support the work of our congregation. Thank you for your support. 


Goals & Dreams

Goals: Vibrant youth programming, facilities improvements, more community outreach, music improvements, Adult RE, increased professional ministry


The most efficient way to donate and keep all of your dollars going to CUUB is to use your bank's Bill Payment feature.  They will mail a check at no cost directly to CUUB, and no money is taken out of your donation.  You can set up a one-time donation or recurring donations using this method.

Or, you can donate using the Paypal at the link below.  Paypal will charge a small fee that gets subtracted from your total donation.

Click this graphic for more information

Annual Pledges

We can do more together! Please help us grow by contributing your money or time. We can't exist without our members' contributions. To assist you in decision making this year, here are some examples using adjusted gross income (after extraordinary housing costs, tuition, child care, medical expenses, etc. are deducted). 

fair share.png

"To the work of this congregation, which is creating beloved community, within and beyond our walls, we dedicate ourselves and our offerings."

Annual Pledge

Planned Giving

Everyone at CUUB can participate in planned giving and become a member of the Bequest Society. All it takes is sharing your plan to contribute to CUUB's success beyond your annual pledge, volunteer hours, or our regular fundraising opportunities and events.

We want to make planned giving easy and lower the stress when making these decisions, so we have both a planned giving outreach team and an endowment team that can help you to research and make these decisions.

Many members have expressed an interest in making this type of commitment to CUUB. Some have committed already to give from their estate. Other ways you can contribute include making CUUB a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, or designate a portion of a bonus check to CUUB. There are too many ways to donate to outline them all.

Please contact if you wish to meet with our Planned Giving outreach team. These meetings are no-pressure discussions meant to help you decide if planned giving is right for you and to give you the help needed to get it done.

Planned Giving

Our Social Justice fundraising efforts from 2018 went toward helping Recovery Park.


Click here and learn more about the great things they're doing to improve Detroit communities. 

recovery park logo.png

Give by Shopping!

Link your Kroger Plus Shopper’s card to CUUB (Organization # FV634) as your charity of choice at


Volunteer Opportunities

As a small congregation with limited resources, many of our activities at CUUB are the result of the time and effort of our congregation. There are many ways to offer the gift of your time, energy, skills, and talents at CUUB.

Facilities Work Days

Sign-Up Genius link to help with CUUB's facilities:

The facilities team will be hosting four work days each month in order to make our facilities and grounds better able to serve our members, guests, and our ministries. Please use the link above to sign up for a time that works for you. We will make sure that we have work that you can do and the materials necessary to complete the task. These work days are open to all willing to work, so bring the family if they are interested in helping. Note that because all will be working, no child care will be provided. We will find tasks that all ages and ability levels will find easy to complete.

Clean-Up after Coffee Hour

Sign-Up Genius link to help with clean up after Sunday services:

You are invited to help with clean up after coffee hour at CUUB. Ideally, everyone will volunteer so that we each only have to perform this task once or twice a year! Each week, two are needed who are willing to linger during coffee hour. You'll perform very light clean-up duties, such as loading the dishwasher, washing the serving trays, and wiping down surfaces.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • You can make a difference in the lives of our children as a teacher once or twice a month in our Spiritual Exploration Program.

  • You can help get our message out to the greater community by assisting with our CUUB website, Facebook page, or other publicity events.

  • You can participate in in our Sunday services as a worship associate, musician, or presenter. Share your ideas with our Worship Team!

  • You can volunteer to become a candidate for election to either our Board of Trustees by contacting the Nominating Team.


Please feel free to contact any of our Board members or team chairs for additional information on on volunteer opportunities at CUUB.

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