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Communications Team


CUUB's Communications Team is responsible for keeping our members informed about CUUB while promoting our church and its events to the Brighton community and beyond. The team’s functions include:

  • Providing information to the general public and the media about our congregation and Unitarian Universalist philosophy and beliefs in general

  • Helping the minister and board of trustees formulate responses to inquiries received from the media

  • Maintaining and enhancing the church website and social media accounts

  • Alerting news media to church events by assisting with the development and dissemination of information to the media

  • Assisting other committees with communication needs

  • Producing our email newsletter, CUUB News

You can contact our team by emailing 

If you have an interest in joining our team, or just helping out with some tasks, let us know!

The Communications Team sends the bimonthly CUUB News.  If you'd like to announce something in it, please send your submission to:  This email is usually only monitored on Thursday evenings.  If you need to contact us more urgently, will go to all of us.  The deadline for submission each week is 4pm Thursday.  For website feedback / questions:

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