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2024 - 2025 Annual Budget Drive

CUUB has followed the light of the light house and is safely navigating all SHIPS in the CUUB Fleet in a direction of energetic growth and planning to continue this strong course for the future.


With your generous pledges for the 2024-25 fiscal year, we will be able to provide solid ministry; social justice projects, maintain care of our building and support growth for the Spiritual Exploration Program.


One example of great team work has been this pledge drive itself. Working together for months, the pledge team created a Nautical Themed event and a concise purpose driven budget giving clarity for what is needed for fiscal responsibility.

All this is said to say a free-thinking church is not free. Each of you is so important as you share your resources of volunteer time; belief in the UU values that have been a backdrop for your lives. Now as you consider reevaluating your pledge and increases you are able to give, CUUB promises to meet the goals of the teams. As the community stays its course, your support is greatly appreciated. Our reward is just that- a strong community being good stewards of it’s gifts.

Finance Team

CUUB Finance Committee Mission Statement:

Recognizing our work and money as sacred contributions toward putting our values into action, we plan for CUUB’s financial health in support of our mission.


  • Monitor financial health of CUUB (pledge fulfillment, operating and capital expenditures, etc.) 

  • Plan our financial future to allow implementation of our strategic plan

  • Plan and coordinate our annual budget drive

  • Propose annual budgets and pledge drive goals 

  • Assist Treasurer, Bookkeeper and the Board as requested

Meeting times: Third Thursdays 7-9 p.m. Check the CUUB Calendar for meeting link.

Contact the group:


The Stewardship team works as a sub-team of Finance to carry out the important work of the annual budget drive.

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Questions? Contact the Treasurer, Jim Dowd

Thanks you for your question. Jim will get back to you shortly.

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