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Membership Team

CUUB is a growing and thriving congregation of people who come together for different reasons, yet still respect each individual's spiritual path. As we grow, we try to make sure that each new member finds their place within our congregation while also understanding the needs of the congregation. As we build our community, we welcome you to join us. 

Please know that you are welcome to visit us for as long as you like, and participate in congregational life as much as you would like. Very few activities or roles are exclusive to members only (voting, participation in the finance committee, serving on the board of trustees, acting as a team chair, etc.). We have many 'Friends of CUUB' who aren't ready to make their membership official, and we care for and embrace them as part of our community.

If you would like to consider joining our community as a member, please click this link to see what that looks like.

The Membership Team sends our CUUB Newsletter out to everyone that has opted in.  

If you'd like to announce something in the Newsletter, please send your submission to:  The deadline for submission each week is 4pm Thursday. This email is usually only monitored on Thursday evenings, so if you need to send something out more quickly, please contact Don Reef or Alan Darbe directly.

The Team also maintains the CUUB Directory, so any updates to your contact information should be sent to them.


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