Ministry Team

The Congregational Ministry Team is appointed by the CUUB Board and Minister.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to support ministry of the church, ministry to the church, and ministry in the church.

OF the church: Ensuring that CUUB is following its mission and aligned with its values.

TO the church: Supporting the Minister's work by functioning as a sounding board and through feedback.

IN the church: Recognizing conflict and connection and promoting right relationships.

Our members are:

  • Minister (ex officio member)

  • Terry Chinn, Chair

  • Bob Duman

  • Sue Kelly

  • Carrie Kempf

When should you contact the Ministry Team?

If you are involved in or witness a conflict between members that affects the health of the congregation.

If you have seen a practice or process that you think is particularly effective and healthy, please share.

If you see something in the congregation that is not in alignment with CUUB values.

If you have questions about whether you should contact us.


We can be reached via email at: