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Safer Congregation Team

 The primary responsibilities of this committee are to:

  • reduce the risk of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual exploitation through research and recommendation of policies and agreements;

  • support those who are either presently at risk of sexual abuse or misconduct or have experienced sexual abuse or misconduct in the past;

  • educate ourselves and advocate for the education of those in our community about sexual safety;

  • maintain confidentiality and accountability to each other and the congregation as a whole. 


While the members of this committee are selected and appointed because of their connection to the community, the Board and Safe Congregation Committee would like to keep this process as open as possible and are asking for your input and support.  Please read our draft Statement of Conscience and Mission Statement and offer input or suggestions by 


Safer Congregation Committee Statement of Conscience

As Unitarian Universalists, our seven principles and core values compel us to create an environment free of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, and sexual exploitation for all who enter our community - children, youth, and adults, as well as members, friends, visitors, and staff.

We believe that as a congregation we must respond to this challenge, because CUUB is a special place that highly values the ideals of community and the pursuit of spiritual growth in a nurturing environment. CUUB can respond to these ideals and pursuits in broader and more flexible ways than many other institutions because we are a caring, multigenerational, and non-discriminatory community.

Although we accept that no community can ever be a totally safe place because it is a part of society at large, we can create a sexually healthy environment through the initiation of policies and agreements that ensure that all who enter our space are welcome and spiritually nurtured. We also recognize that our true measure of safety stems not from a policy but from our level of education on sexuality and our continued willingness to talk openly about it.

We accept the responsibility to educate ourselves, and to offer and advocate for the education of our children, youth, and adults about sexual misconduct, abuse, molestation, harassment, and exploitation. We pledge to do our best to protect and to offer support for those who come that are either at risk, are in crisis, or have experienced physical, emotional or spiritual pain as a result of sexual abuse or misconduct in the past.  We pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner that conveys mutual respect, trust, consideration, confidentiality, and accountability.

Mission Statement

We strive for CUUB to be a sexually healthy and responsible congregation in order to create a nurturing environment for the spiritual growth of all people in our community.

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