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Tech Team


CUUB's Tech Team is responsible for making sure our Zoom services run as smoothly as possible.  We also run the sound board and projector/screen in the sanctuary.

You can contact our team by writing to 

These are our members:

  • Erika Warner, Chair

  • Mike Kelly

  • Sue Kelly

  • Liz Firek

  • Joni Grob

  • Natalie Jewell

If you are comfortable with Zoom and able to help us, please let us know!  We'd like to have at least 12 members so that we each only need to support once a month.

In order to make our Sunday services more accessible to everyone, we’d like to offer help navigating the Zoom app to those who would like a refresher.  It is very difficult to do this in the middle of a service so we encourage you to reach out ahead of time! Email to set up a convenient time.

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