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Treasurer's Corner End of July Financials

The Investment Fund has $65,000.00

The Endowment Fund has $25,050.00

The Mortgage balance is $407,837.85.

As far as the budget is concerned the current year pledges collected should be at 8.3% or $12,500. We are at 1.7% or $2530.00. However, there was $11,490 given in June 2022 for this fiscal year, which currently puts us over budget.

Expenses should be at 8.3% or 18,508. We are at 8.5% or $18,956.97. CUUB expenses are over budget.

Included in the expenses are the full annual UUA Dues of $8,891.00 and the full year property and liability insurance amount of $2,741.00.

Jim Dowd


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